Traditional Winemaking

To understand the origin of our wines you need to see where the grapes are grown and how they are traditionally pressed and made into wine. Our vineyard produces various types of wines, including Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Verdelho. We are a small boutique winery that make estate grown and hand crafted, quantities of unique blended wines.



Our Vineyard History

We have been making wine since Pasquale Barbalace first planted wine grapes in the Southern region of Italy as a young child growing up on his Grandfather’s farm.

We are situated in Broke Fordwich, Australia’s oldest winemaking region, with surrounding hills of Brokenback Mountain Range and the iconic Yellow Rock providing an impressive backdrop. Our beautiful vineyard is less than an 2 hours from Sydney and sits on 365 acres of pristine property along with herbs, vegetables, sheep, pigs and cattle making up the farm/vineyard.

The winery is managed by Pasquale Barbalace, his traditional ways of winemaking are still practised today. All our grapes are hand picked, and our wines are made in small quantities and batches to ensure quality control.

Our exclusive wines showcase the uniqueness of Broke Fordwich region which are slightly richer and softer in style (particularly those grown on the Fordwich Sill) whilst still maintaining their unique Hunter Valley characteristics.



This medium bodied Shiraz welcomes you with aromas of earth and ripe berries on the nose. Richly coloured and dry, showing complex fruit flavours, dark cherry, with appealing oaky notes and spicy flavours. A very careful and tedious canopy management, has contributed to a fruit with great composition, colour and flavours.

It has a great mouth feel and well balanced tannins and astringency, it has a nice finish and is very smooth. Handpicked and fermented in small open bats, then transferred to French Oak barrels, were left to age for 12 months with racking at 3 month intervals. 13.0% ALC/VOL



Verdelho is a Portuguese grape grown on the island of Madeira. Verdelho arrived in Australia in the 1820’s and was used for the production of fortified wines. The Hunter Valley was the first area where Verdelho was planted and it has shown to be well-suited to the warm summer growing period. These days it is used to produce a gentle, fresh and tropical dry white table wine.

The Barbalace Estate has created this exceptional Verdelho wine. It has a fine example of suppleness, with a velvety core of tropical fruit flavour, well suited to sipping with tapas and similar light meals. 14.5% ALC/VOL