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our boutique range

Our 1945 Collection is our signature limited production wines and are only available via our cellar door.


This medium bodied Shiraz welcomes you with aromas of earth and ripe berries on the nose. Richly coloured and dry, showing complex fruit flavours, dark cherry, with appealing oaky notes and spicy flavours. A very careful and tedious canopy management, has contributed to a fruit with great composition, colour and flavours.

It has a great mouth feel and well balanced tannins and astringency, it has a nice finish and is very smooth. Handpicked and fermented in small open bats, then transferred to French Oak barrels, were left to age for 12 months with racking at 3 month intervals. 13.0% ALC/VOL


The 2016 was a hard season, but the Barbalace Estate has produced a medium bodied Shiraz with a deep bright crimson colour. This wine is gentle on the nose but with flavours of well-ripened fruit with delicate grape and plum characters.

This wine has great mouth feel and a dry astringency with a long finish persistency in the palate, it will complement any meal. 14.0% ALC/VOL

Cabernet Sauvignon

This hand crafted Cabernet, is a medium bodied wine with a bright and deep colour. Fleshy, fruit driver wine with dominant variety flavours. The combination of new and old American and French barrels adds an interesting smoky sweet spicy touch.

A well complex and blanked wine, this Cabernet has a great mouth feel with a nice astringency and long lingering finish, the acidity and supple tannins will let you enjoy it young or lay it down for a few years. Handpicked, fermented in open vats and basket pressed, with 18months of barrel age. 13.8% ALC/VOL


Picked in the early hours of the morning to maximise fruit retention, then gently pressed into tanks for settling for 24 hours before racking into new and 3 year French oak barrels for fermentation.

This has resulted in a delightful express of Chardonnay from the Broke Fordwich area of the Hunter Valley. Green melon and white peach aromas set the path to the palate that is rounded and balanced by a citrus acidity. Enjoy now with white meals. 13.0% ALC/VOL

Sauvignon Blanc

The juice was passed straight to seasoned oak barrels and fermented with natural yeast on solids. Malolactic ferment was allowed on 15% of barrels whilst the balance was stopped to maintain varietal freshness.

The finished wine has a complex set of aromas of citrus, nettle and creamy nutty influences. The mouth feel is generous with acids tempered. 12.5% ALC/VOL


Verdelho is a Portuguese grape grown on the island of Madeira. Verdelho arrived in Australia in the 1820’s and was used for the production of fortified wines. The Hunter Valley was the first area where Verdelho was planted and it has shown to be well-suited to the warm summer growing period. These days it is used to produce a gentle, fresh and tropical dry white table wine.

The Barbalace Estate has created this exceptional Verdelho wine. It has a fine example of suppleness, with a velvety core of tropical fruit flavour, well suited to sipping with tapas and similar light meals. 14.5% ALC/VOL